Navigating Style: A Wave of Alternative Uniforms for the Merchant Navy

Article published at: Sep 24, 2023
Navigating Style: A Wave of Alternative Uniforms for the Merchant Navy
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The Merchant Navy, known for its traditional uniforms, is embarking on a journey towards modernity. The introduction of alternative uniforms, such as tees with embroidered ranks and hoodies with distinctive embroidery, aims to blend comfort with formality, ensuring that the crew can perform their duties efficiently while maintaining a sense of unity and discipline.

1. Tees with Embroidered Ranks:

a) Design & Comfort: The introduction of tees as part of the uniform brings a casual and comfortable vibe to the daily life of sailors. Made from breathable fabrics, these tees are designed to withstand the rigors of maritime life while ensuring comfort.

b) Embroidered Ranks: The embroidered ranks on the tees maintain the hierarchical structure aboard the ship. The intricate embroidery is durable, ensuring that the ranks are visible and intact, even after numerous washes.

c) Variety & Customization: The tees are available in various colors and designs, allowing for customization according to the ship’s requirements. This variety ensures that while the uniform is alternative, it still maintains a sense of unity among the crew.

2. Hoodies with Distinctive Embroidery:

a) Warmth & Style: The hoodies are designed to provide warmth in the chilly sea breeze while maintaining a sense of style. The distinctive embroidery on the hoodies represents the ship’s identity and the sailor’s rank, combining functionality with tradition.

b) Durability: Made from high-quality fabrics, the hoodies are durable and resistant to the harsh sea conditions. The embroidery is meticulously done to ensure longevity, keeping the uniform looking sharp and professional.

c) Versatility: The hoodies are versatile, suitable for various weather conditions and tasks aboard the ship. They can be paired with other uniform elements, allowing for flexibility in the dress code.

3. Epaulettes on Tees and Hoodies:

a) Symbol of Authority: Epaulettes have always been a symbol of authority and rank in the navy. Incorporating them on tees and hoodies maintains this tradition while adapting to the modern, casual style.

b) Design Variations: The design of the epaulettes can be varied according to rank and role aboard the ship. This variation ensures that the hierarchy is maintained, even in a more casual setting.

c) Attachment Options: The epaulettes can be permanently attached or designed with Velcro for easy removal and attachment, allowing for versatility and convenience.


The introduction of alternative uniforms in the Merchant Navy is a step towards modernity, blending tradition with comfort and style. Tees with embroidered ranks and hoodies with distinctive embroidery, along with the incorporation of epaulettes, ensure that the sense of unity, hierarchy, and discipline is maintained aboard the ship, while allowing the sailors to navigate the seas in comfort and style.



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